About Us

About Us

Largely based on spreading awareness and helping South Asians find their inner strength amongst society, we have encouraged a creative outlet known as the South Asian Film. Bringing a spotlight to our culture, we have ignited a fire within the soul of South Asia.

Starting as a labor of love, the South Asian Film festival involves a tight-knit community that wishes to inspire others to embrace their innovative minds and craftsmanship. Now more than ever, we need to connect to individuals outside of our circle to understand their perspective.

Human connection is a wondrous thing, the experience of watching a film not only takes you on an adventure to a place unseen but encourages others to talk about fundamental values through a message that films bring.

We often forget to look around us and experience the world outside of our own eyes; through the film, we can find the link that connects all of us.

We believe that spreading this message can also increase the level of empathy within individuals and bring about a change in how the South Asian community is perceived.

Embracing a culture that thrives and changing the way others look at our community is our purpose.


Many creatives look to be recognized within the South Asian community; we look to be the platform for them to shine. Our mission is to welcome individuals who wish to grow in the film industry, a chance to demonstrate their capabilities when it comes to the cinematic experience.

Restoring faith in the community gives us a feeling of great pride when it comes to facilitating the film director’s dreams. We genuinely hope that watching these films that present a message, will bring an instrumental and significant cataclysmic change within the film community as well as the world.

We also hold this festival for creatives to engage with others and form a connection that will inspire future projects or create a whirlpool of social connectivity. This platform also holds a shift in issues that are discussed in films.

Holding no censors or barriers for the possibility of propelling hot topics that are normally avoided in certain film festivals, we uplift others by choosing to propose these liberties when accepting to provide an outlet for films.

The course of society is changing day by day, by bringing inclusivity for many on the table. The South Asian Film Festival is a step forward towards change for the better.